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KOXE Big Buck Contest Rules & Regulations

  1. Contest is for the 2018 white-tailed deer rifle hunting season.
  2. The contest has three divisions: Low Fence Division, High Fence Division, and Youth Division.
  3. The Youth division will begin on Oct 27th while the regular contest for adults will begin with the start of the season November 3rd. Both contests will end on the final day of the adult season on Jan. 6th.
  4. Low Fence Division- animals that are harvested from property without game proof fencing, or property that has at least one mile of its perimeter with low fences.
  5. High Fence Division- animals harvested from property that is completely fenced with game proof fencing or has less than mile of low or no fencing.
  6. Youth Division- All hunters that are 15 years old or younger as of Dec. 31, 2018 will automatically be in the Youth division.
  7. Hunters must register by midnight on Sunday, November 25th to be eligible to win. This date is final!
  8. Registration cost is $5 per hunter.
  9. All hunters must have a current valid hunting license.
  10. All State, Federal and local laws must be followed.
  11. Contestants can register at any of the authorized registration locations as posted at
  12. All deer must be killed in the following counties: Brown, Eastland, Comanche, Mills, San Saba, McCullouch, Coleman, Callahan, & Lampasas and adjoining counties in Central Texas.
  13. All bucks must be brought in to an authorized scoring sponsor location by the person that killed it during normal business hours.
  14. All bucks brought in for scoring MUST, at a minimum, have the cape attached to the head. No skull cap and antlers only submissions will be accepted.
  15. After getting your buck measured by an authorized scoring location, hunters must keep the horns or make them available to KOXE in the event of a tie or discrepancy.
  16. If the deer is taken to a taxidermist, the hunter will need to provide KOXE with the name, address and phone number if requested.
  17. Animals may only be brought to one authorized location for measuring/scoring.
  18. Bucks scored and entered into the contest can only win one prize category. i.e. There will be a different winner for each prize category.
  19. All Winners must agree to submit to a polygraph lie detector test if requested. Failure to comply will result in disqualification from the contest.
  20. Ties will be decided by a random draw from a hat by an authorized representative.
  21. Employees of sponsors and their immediate family members are not eligible to win.
  22. All decisions of the judges are final.
  23. Out of state contestants are not eligible to enter the contest.
  24. All scoring will initially be done by the KOXE authorized scoring sponsor but may be verified and finalized by KOXE’s official scorer if necessary.
  25. KOXE reserves the right to amend the official rules at any time and post them to